About AMG

AMG Vanadium is the global leader in spent catalyst recycling and metal reclamation and the largest ferrovanadium producer in the United States.

Spent Catalyst Services

AMG V’s industry leading proprietary process provides environmental risk mitigation and strong commercial value for refineries.
AMG Vanadium specializes in the environmentally beneficial reclamation of oil refinery spent catalyst and vanadium bearing power plant residues and ashes and is widely acclaimed as the environmental leader in this global industry.
Through our proprietary roasting and melting process, AMG Vanadium converts over 99% of these waste materials into specialty metals. AMG Vanadium’s primary products are FEROVAN®, a ferrovanadium alloy used to strengthen steel, and FeNiMoly®, an additive used in carbon and stainless-steel production.

Spent Catalyst Services

AMG Vanadium’s spent catalyst recycling services provide risk mitigation for global refiners.

Our Sustainable Approach

AMG V is committed to achieving the highest standards of safety and environmental performance at its facilities, while providing a service to our refinery partners and producing products for our customers that enable CO2 reduction.


Learn more about our signature Ferovan® and FeNiMoly® products, as well as our other product offerings.