Safety is more than a priority at AMG Vanadium, it’s a core value.
Priorities change every day based on several factors, but our core values don’t change. Every decision we make at AMG must align with our core values, and our first value is that We Act Safely.

We believe that accidents and injuries are preventable and have implemented several behaviorally-based safety programs to make that belief a reality. Our Take 5 Program encourages employees to speak up if they identify a situation where we might fail to meet this value. We utilize the SafeStart program to provide our employees with a method of engagement designed to keep both physical hazards and at-risk behaviors in mind on and off the job.

Our commitment to the safety, health, and wellbeing of our team includes ergonomic initiatives, annual employee physicals, health fairs, and other wellness opportunities.

We start every meeting with team members sharing stories that reinforce our commitment to safety while keeping front of mind those potentially hazardous situations that may be encountered. We recognize the inherent risks of our operations and understand that we must go above and beyond the norm to establish a safety culture capable of not only recognizing these hazards but working to minimize them and eliminate them when possible.

Through these programs, along with comprehensive training and auditing and the dedication of our entire workforce, we have maintained one of the lowest Total Recordable Incident Rates in the industry. Our commitment to safety will never waver…it’s a core value.

“AMG Vanadium is committed to employee development, and I have learned a lot going through AMG’s leadership development training. Being new to manufacturing, I also have learned a lot about safety and have become a SafeStart trainer so that I can educate current and new incoming employees on safe workplace behavior. I’m excited to help continue to develop a culture of respect and safety.”

– Javier Perez, Operations Supervisor