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AMG Vanadium LLC is the global leader in the management and beneficiation of spent refinery catalyst and other secondary raw materials containing vanadium to produce ferroalloys.
A subsidiary of AMG Critical Materials N.V., and founded in 1952, AMG Vanadium is headquartered in Cambridge, Ohio, USA and recently completed a $300M+ expansion in nearby Zanesville.

AMG Vanadium specializes in the environmentally beneficial recycling of oil refinery spent catalyst and vanadium bearing power plant residues and ashes and is widely acclaimed as the environmental leader in this global industry. Through our proprietary roasting and melting process, AMG Vanadium converts over 99% of these waste materials into specialty metals. AMG Vanadium’s primary products are FEROVAN®, a ferrovanadium alloy used to strengthen steel, and FeNiMoly®, an additive used in carbon and stainless-steel production.

AMG Vanadium is the global leader in the environmentally beneficial recycling and metal reclamation of spent refinery catalyst.

Throughout our rich history, AMG Vanadium LLC (AMG V) has been supplying high quality products and services for the metals, refining, and steel industries.
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certified, AMG V is the largest recycler of spent catalyst in the world and the largest ferrovanadium producer in North America. AMG V’s proprietary roasting and pyrometallurgical process converts spent refinery catalyst and other vanadium bearing residues into ferrovanadium (Ferovan®) and a ferronickel-molybdenum alloy (FeNiMoly®), which are marketed and sold to the carbon and stainless-steel industries. Through this environmentally beneficial conversion of waste materials into valuable products, AMG V provides an important solution and risk mitigation for refinery partners.

We are proud members of Vanitec and the Vanadium Producers & Reclaimers Association (VPRA). As such, we are actively engaged in promoting the interests of the vanadium industry through these organizations.

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