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Zero Accidents is our Goal

The safety of AMG employees, contractors, and visitors to our site is of utmost importance to us. We do not believe that accidents and injuries are inevitable. We recognize that the inherent hazards of our operations mean that understanding and controlling risk is crucial if we are to realize our vision of eliminating injuries and achieving zero incidents.

Reflecting our commitment for a safe production facility, we have implemented programs for hazard identification and risk assessment such as the Take 5 program to encourage employees to speak up if safety is of any concern.  Additional training, auditing, incident investigation, and other safety incentives combine to create a safety culture throughout the organization as we consistently maintain one of the lowest Total Recordable Incident Rates in the industry.

When we all accept this daily challenge, our safety vision of “Every person going home safe and healthy every day” can be achieved. We are committed to continuous improvement as measured by our leading safety indicators through the implementation and refinement of our Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems.