Business Unit

Based in Rotherham, UK and the US, AMG Chrome is a leading provider of specialized metals, alloys, and materials.

With about 250 employees, AMG Chrome is a highly specialized manufacturer of chromium metal and specialty products to the aluminum, stainless steel, superalloy, hard-facing, and welding industries. The company manufactures, among other products, chromium metal, ferrotitanium, aluminum powders, and ferroalloy powders.


AMG Chrome is a major producer of chromium metal produced by the aluminothermic reduction of chromium oxide. Vacuum technology is used at both the UK and US production plants to produce high-purity grades of chromium with very low levels of gas content and sulfur.

AMG Chrome manufactures various grades of chromium metal, including very high-purity, very low gas content chromium metal for superalloy components, including single crystal turbine blades for the aerospace industry.

In addition, ferrotitanium and ferroboron powder is manufactured for use in the welding industry. These metallic powders perform deoxidizing and alloying functions in a wide range of electrode types and hard-facing operations.

Nickel boron is manufactured by the carbon reduction of boric acid together with high-purity nickel. The requirements for low carbon can be met by the production of two special grades of NiB, with the process carefully controlled to reduce the residual levels of carbon. Nickel boron is used for applications in the hard-facing and superalloy industries.

AMG Chrome’s onsite laboratory, AMG Analytical Services, delivers first class inorganic analytical testing services to a diverse customer base for whom quality and integrity of service is paramount. The laboratory activities are accredited to the ISO 17025 (UKAS) and 9001:2008 laboratory and quality management standards. Analytical services include ICP-OES, XRF/XRD, atomic absorption, microscopy, and chromatography, among others.

End Markets

AMG Chrome products are used in the aluminum, stainless steels, superalloy, hard-facing, and welding industries.