Business Unit

AMG Antimony produces antimony trioxide from base forms of antimony metal. Worldwide production of antimony trioxide is estimated at about 130k tons. With processing facilities in France, AMG’s capacity is approximately 13k tons of antimony trioxide annually and is one of Europe’s first antimony trioxide manufacturers.


Main product manufactured is antimony trioxide (ATO or Sb2O3) and AMG Antimony is also specialized in a whole range of antimony trioxide based products (dispersions, pastes, and masterbatches).

Products description:

  • Antimony trioxide powder (several grades)
  • Antimony trioxide based dispersions and pastes (SICADISP, SICAPASTE)
  • Masterbatches : thermoplastic pellets (SICABATCH, SICAMASTER)
End Markets

The main consumption sector is the flame retardant application in the plastics industry. It has been a key component in the growth of the use of plastics wherever protection against fire is needed, for the safety of people and installations, such as in infrastructure, electronics and transportation (cables, pipes, technical textiles, floor and wall coverings, upholstery).

Antimony trioxide is also used as a refining agent for glasses, ceramics and enamels, and as a catalyst in the production of polyethylene terephthalate.