AMG Vanadium honors employees for company service

AMG Vanadium held its annual retirement and employee service award dinner at the Cambridge Country Club with 21 employees and one retiree honored at the recognition program, representing a combined total of 387 years of service. Company President Mitchell E. Kidd and other members of the company’s leadership team presented the service awards to attendees and honored the retiree with a gift of appreciation from the company. The following individuals were honored:

Jim Carter – Vice President of International Sales, 42 years of service

40 Years
Ted Khune – Silo/Loader Operator
Harvey Hahn – Packer ·
Greg Kawa – Mobile Equipment Operator

25 Years
Mike Sims – Sales Manager

15 Years
Dave Lewis – Director of Engineering
Walter Lipp – Accounting Manager

10 Years
Bob Andrews – Maintenance “A” Standard
Kathy Biggins – Traffic Coordinator
Bob Biggins – Maintenance “A” Standard
Jon Cain — Shipping and Receiving Manager
Sean Cox — Furnace Operator
Bill Daugherty – Furnace Operator
Larry Gerst – Staff Accountant II
Jim Johnson – Maintenance “A” Standard
Melinda Miller – Staff Accountant II
Joyce Mosser – Mobile Equipment Operator
Jody Singler – Maintenance “C” Standard
Jody Wilson – Laboratory Supervisor
John Woods — Furnace Operator

5 Years·
Jerry Gahagan – Network Systems Manager

2014 RecognitionDinner 795

AMG Vanadium employees honored for their service were, 1 to r, front row, Walter Lipp, Bill Daugherty, Sean Cox, Jody Wilson, Jim Carter, Jim Wilson, Mike Sims, Melinda Miller and Jon Cain; second row, Mitchell Kidd, President; Richard Caldwell, Environmental Health and Safety Manager; Randy Cook, Melting Superintendent; Jane Neal, Senior Vice President; Ed Forshey, Director of Energy and Asset Management; Colleen Heacock, Vice President of Organizational Development and Sourcing; Larry Gerst; Stacy Carr, Human Resource Manager; Dave Lewis, Director of Engineering; David Wardle, Quality Manager; Jerry Gahagan, Network Systems Manager; and Jon Latchic, Maintenance “A” Standard and President Local USW 5050


About AMG Vanadium LLC

AMG Vanadium LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. (“AMG”, EURONEXT AMSTERDAM: “AMG”), a global leader in the production of highly engineered specialty metal products and advanced vacuum furnace systems. Located in Cambridge, Ohio, AMG Vanadium specializes in the environmentally beneficial conversion of oil refinery and power plant waste products into specialty metals used by global steel producers in automotive, energy transmission and infrastructure applications. By using materials which would otherwise be discarded as waste, AMG Vanadium encourages environmental stewardship, energy conservation and resource recovery, making it the environmental leader in this global industry. AMG Vanadium is the North American ferrovanadium market share leader and has two primary product lines: FEROVAN®, its ferrovanadium alloy used in the production of steel to improve its strength, and FeNiMoly® which is a valuable additive utilized in the production of stainless and carbon steels.