AMG Vanadium Continues to support education through internships

Oct 11 2 Interns AMG

AMG Vanadium interns (pictured L to R): Luke Brooks, The Ohio State University; Keke Xu, The Technical University Munich in Munich, Germany; and Derek Anderson, Muskingum University

AMG Vanadium has a longstanding commitment to supporting education. “By supporting education locally, we are making a difference in the lives of our employees, their families, and our community while investing in tomorrow’s leaders,” says AMG Vanadium President, Hoy E. Frakes, Jr. AMG Vanadium has donated nearly $50,000 to the math and science programs of local high schools, hosted plant tours and discussions about career opportunities with students, teachers and administrators, and has offered internships to high school and college students. During the past two months, the Company hosted three interns: Derek Anderson from Muskingum University, Luke Brooks from The Ohio State University and Keke Xu, a freshman at The Technical University Munich in Munich, Germany.

The internship opportunities at AMG Vanadium have enabled students like Brooks, a Chemical Engineering Major, to get a better understanding of his chosen career. “I have completed several internships, each one focusing on a different area within my chosen career field. Participating in multiple internships is helping me figure out what I would like to do after graduating. ” Brooks also commented, “The AMG Vanadium internship was great because it gave me a chance to work at a local company that has an onsite lab where I could learn how to conduct chemical analysis.”

International student Keke Xu comments, “AMG Vanadium was a great place to gain hands-on business experience while also experiencing life in another country.” (Xu is a resident of Germany.) Xu continues, “My internship experience influenced my field of study in my college career which was a fabulous benefit.”

“I would recommend that students take advantage of internship opportunities whenever possible,” says Anderson, an Engineering Science Major. “I learned about the internship at AMG Vanadium through Muskingum and have had the opportunity to work in the lab not only for a summer but throughout the school year as well. The best thing about internships is that you are able to test out your career to see if it is actually what you want to do.”

Mr. Frakes was pleased to have the chance to host these talented students. “Internships offer students first-hand experience in their chosen career field, provide them with a good understanding about the operations of a global company, and give local students a look at career opportunities that are right in their backyard. It’s a win-win situation…the students gain valuable business and engineering experience, the company benefits from their contributions, and employees develop meaningful relationships with the students.”


About AMG Vanadium LLC

AMG Vanadium LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. (“AMG”, EURONEXT AMSTERDAM: “AMG”), a global leader in the production of highly engineered specialty metal products and advanced vacuum furnace systems. Located in Cambridge, Ohio, AMG Vanadium specializes in the environmentally beneficial conversion of oil refinery and power plant waste products into specialty metals used by global steel producers in automotive, energy transmission and infrastructure applications. By using materials which would otherwise be discarded as waste, AMG Vanadium encourages environmental stewardship, energy conservation and resource recovery, making it the environmental leader in this global industry. AMG Vanadium is the North American ferrovanadium market share leader and has two primary product lines: FEROVAN®, its ferrovanadium alloy used in the production of steel to improve its strength, and FeNiMoly® which is a valuable additive utilized in the production of stainless and carbon steels.