AMG Vanadium Building New Plant in Muskingum County


AMG Vanadium, the world’s leading provider of resid spent catalyst recycling and metal reclamation services, has purchased a site for its second spent catalyst recycling facility in Muskingum County’s Washington Township. The facility will create approximately 100 new production and management jobs in addition to 500-600 temporary jobs during construction. As previously announced, the new plant will be financed with the proceeds from the sale of up to $350 million tax exempt bonds to be issued by the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA). AMG Vanadium’s headquarters will remain in Cambridge, Ohio, in neighboring Guernsey County.

A new roasting and ferroalloy production facility will enable AMG V to respond to growing demand from the global refining and steel industries by essentially doubling its resid spent catalyst recycling capacity and annual ferrovanadium and ferronickel-molybdenum production.

“AMG has a stated objective to maintain our presence as the world leader in the recycling of resid spent catalysts not only now, but in the future,” said Dr. Heinz Schimmelbusch, CEO of AMG. “Essentially doubling our recycling capacity in Southeast Ohio represents a decisive step toward achieving that objective.”

The new facility, planned for Eastpointe Business Park in Washington Township, will be similar to AMG Vanadium’s existing plant, which has successfully operated in Cambridge since 1952. The first phase of construction, which is expected to begin later this summer and be completed the second half of 2020, will focus on a raw material storage building and a multiple-hearth roaster. Overall project completion, including construction of the ferroalloy production facility, is expected in 2021.

“We are excited to double our presence – and our production – in Southeast Ohio,” said AMG Vanadium President Hoy E. Frakes, Jr. “By expanding within the vicinity of our existing headquarters in Cambridge, we will be able to capitalize on the synergies between the two plants and continue to tap into the talent and work ethic of the people of this region. We are moving forward on this project thanks to the support we have received from the State of Ohio, Muskingum and Guernsey Counties, and all of our public and private sector partners.”

AMG Vanadium’s record of environmental stewardship and compliance is considered the industry’s gold standard, using a proprietary pyrometallurgical process that produces no process wastewater, the industry’s lowest overall emissions, and the industry’s highest conversion rate to saleable products. Jane Neal, Senior Vice President for Environmental, Health and Safety, states, “Consistent with AMG’s commitment of offering leading-edge environmental solutions for the refining industry, the new facility design employs the Best Available Control Technologies for emission controls.“

The expansion cements Ohio’s status as the vanadium capital of North America, with AMG Vanadium as the only fully integrated spent catalyst reclamation company and the largest domestic producer of ferrovanadium.


About AMG Vanadium LLC

AMG Vanadium LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. (“AMG”, EURONEXT AMSTERDAM: “AMG”), a global leader in the production of highly engineered specialty metal products and advanced vacuum furnace systems. Located in Cambridge, Ohio, AMG Vanadium specializes in the environmentally beneficial conversion of oil refinery and power plant waste products into specialty metals used by global steel producers in automotive, energy transmission and infrastructure applications. By using materials which would otherwise be discarded as waste, AMG Vanadium encourages environmental stewardship, energy conservation and resource recovery, making it the environmental leader in this global industry. AMG Vanadium is the North American ferrovanadium market share leader and has two primary product lines: FEROVAN®, its ferrovanadium alloy used in the production of steel to improve its strength, and FeNiMoly® which is a valuable additive utilized in the production of stainless and carbon steels.