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AMG Vanadium provides Master Alloys and Special Master Alloys through its sister company, AMG Titanium Alloys and Coatings (formally known as GfE).  With over 40 years’ experience in the production of Master Alloys, AMG Titanium Alloys and Coatings has become one of the worldwide leaders for these products in not only quality but also technical expertise. 

We are able to offer Master Alloys such as VAl, MoAl, and NiNb which are used in the titanium and super alloy industries to improve anti-corrosion and heat resistance.  Special Master Alloys such as CrAl, Cr metal, and FeB are used in the steel and aluminum industries, and FeV is used in the production of welding electrodes.

Through AMG Brazil, AMG Vanadium is able to offer products such as Nb Oxide and Ta Oxide.  These products are used for the production of cutting tools and in the electronics, medical, aerospace, and energy industries.