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AMG Vanadium LLC is a global leader in the use of secondary raw materials, such as spent refinery catalyst to produce ferroalloys

Throughout its rich history, AMG Vanadium LLC (AMG V) has been supplying high quality products and services for the metals, refinery, petrochemical, and steel industries. Headquartered in Cambridge, Ohio, AMG V is a global leader in the recycling and reclamation of spent refinery catalyst to produce ferroalloys.  

Through its proprietary roasting and pyrometallurgical process, AMG V converts spent refinery catalyst and other vanadium bearing residues into ferrovanadium (Ferovan®) and a ferronickel-molybdenum alloy (FeNiMoly®), which are marketed and sold to the carbon and stainless steel industries.  Through this environmentally beneficial conversion of waste products into saleable goods, AMG V provides an important solution and cradle-to-grave risk mitigation for refinery partners.