Driven by the management’s strong commitment, the reduction of risk is a priority for all. The company’s objective is “Our Goal is Zero”..

A focus on Safety on Health puts employees first and that is the right thing to do. It makes good business sense because a good safety record reduces risk and costs. It enhances productivity. When we care for people, it is reflected in the care the employees take for each other for the equipment, and every aspect of their jobs. Safe production is always our goal, and we are committed to improving our safety and environmental performance at AMG Vanadium.

The AMG Vanadium Safety and Health Management system sets our approach to achieving the ultimate goal of zero incidents. It is supported by our Leadership approach, which encourages people to speak up about safety concerns and to take responsibility for their actions. We invest in safety training and coaching, promote risk assessments and visible leadership, sponsor emergency preparedness programs, and conduct regular audits to assess our performances through our Management Systems. These many efforts combine to create a safety culture throughout our company. AMG Vanadium’s systems and processes are only as good as the leadership and commitment the company demonstrates every day on the job. We must all be engaged in the safety mission. Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace requires diligent attention every day. Employees are encouraged to speak up if something is unsafe, accept responsibility for their safety and health, do not take shortcuts, and look out for your co-workers. When we all accept this daily challenge, our safety vision of “Every person going home safe and healthy every day” can be achieved. Working safely and protecting our environment is fundamental to the success of AMG Vanadium. We are committed to continuous improvement as measured by our leading environmental and safety indicators through the implementation and refinement of our Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems.

The Safety and Health Management System

AMG Vanadium’s Safety and Health Management System (OHSAS 18001) defines the company’s philosophy and requirements that ensure AMG Vanadium is aligned with our respect for people and our business objective and safe production.

Integral parts of the system include:
  • A clearly defined vision of “Every person going home safe and healthy every day” that reflects our ultimate goal of zero incidents.
  • A Safety and Health policy
  • Standards and guidelines that specify requirements for many activities
  • An organizational structure that clearly defines responsibilities and accountabilities.
  • Extensive training at all levels
  • Qualtrax and E-Safety is the company’s intranet that assists employees to implement and comply with the Safety Environmental and Quality Management Systems, standards and programs.