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In 1961, The London & Scandinavian Metallurgical Co. Ltd. (LSM), an associate company of AMG Vanadium, Inc. (MVC) and AMG, published a pamphlet in green cover entitled Constituent Elements in Steel and Cast Iron. This was followed by a new book published in 1981 that concerned itself with steelmaking on the western side of the Atlantic. Entitled FERROALLOYS & Alloying Additives HANDBOOK, authors Paul Deeley, Konrad J.A. Kundig, and Howard R. Spendelow, Jr., addressed important and relevant advances in steelmaking technology in addition to the alloy steel metallurgy. Continued heavy demand has prompted the production of this 'millennium' edition. Before printing more copies, however, we have invested considerable effort in updating the text, since another 20 years have now passed. In particular, the chapters on vanadium, niobium, titanium, boron and nitrogen were scrutinized. In general, though, priority was placed on re-printing rather than editing/updating, as much of the basic information is still valid and useful. Please notify us at the MVC address below if you find areas that require corrections/updates.

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Editorial Staff
David J. Bristow, LSM
R. James Carter, MVC
Hoy E. Frakes, Jr., MVC
David A. Lewis, MVC
Jerome F. Mang, MVC
Dr. Siegfried Sattelberger, GFE
David Wardle, MVC

November 23, 2000


In kindred spirit with the original authors (P.D. Deeley, K.J.A. Kundig and H.R. Spendelow, Jr.), the editors gratefully acknowledge the encouragement and support of AMG Vanadium, Inc. (MVC), London & Scandinavian Metallurgical Co. Limited (LSM), Gesellschaft Für Elektrometallurgie mbH (GFE), Elektrowerk Weisweiller GmbH (EWW), Companhia Industrial Fluminense (CIF) and AMG, and the many steelmakers and suppliers who shared their special knowledge and experience throughout the preparation of this book.

The editors wish to thank Julie Bates, Julie Hennebert, Linda Davis and Nancy English for their many hours of assistance in preparing the manuscript and assisting with all the details necessary to print this edition.

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